Kay Laurence - Learning About Dogs

What is learning?

May 06, 2021 Sue McGuire Season 4 Episode 4
Kay Laurence - Learning About Dogs
What is learning?
Show Notes

Learning.  Is it a construct? An idea?

We cannot do the learning for the dogs, we can only set up situations where learning happens.

Kay Laurence of Learning About Dogs and Sue McGuire of Sue McGuire Teaching Dogs, join forces for the fourth season of the hugely successful, Learning About Dogs podcast.

Season four features short, one subject podcast no longer than 10 minutes. Although try as we might, we are shooting for not much over five minutes. But one salient thought.

In this episode, we ask, "What is learning?"

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Build the Learning
As learning engineers we design access to rewards that shape the learning with guidance and suggestion. We cannot do the learning for our dogs, we can simply set up the situation that they learn from.

Management or Training
Find your pathway to suit your lifestyle of living with dogs. When you need management to temporarily support the learning, or choose training.
Discover the power of passive learning and invest your energy to the active learning.

Reward Skills Course
Learn about the fascinating landscape of rewards and make them the centre of training and relationship.
Explore the different and diverse ways we can deliver rewards to bring excitement or relaxation, curiosity or confidence.

Sue McGuire offers a limited number of consultations and courses for small groups human/canine learners. Contact her through Sue McGuire Teaching Dogs.